Adaverse: Accelerating Startups in Africa and Asia Through the Cardano Ecosystem

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In a recent news announcement, the company expressed its intention to concentrate on assisting startups in Africa, Southeast Asia, and other areas in reaping the rewards of the thriving Cardano ecosystem.

Adaverse acknowledged its robust brand presence in Africa and Asia, and aims to broaden its operations by venturing into unexplored regions of Southeast Asia, with a particular focus on Thailand and Vietnam.

Furthermore, Adaverse plans to contribute to the growth of Web3 infrastructure for remittance payments across these regions.

Adaverse, being a significant recipient of EMURGO’s and IOG’s business and technical resources, has successfully positioned itself as Cardano’s official accelerator for Africa.

This collaboration has granted Adaverse exclusive access to the Cardano ecosystem, enabling the company to provide assistance to its investment partners and portfolio firms.

Adaverse’s Support for Africa & Asia

Adaverse’s unique structure has allowed it to grow beyond Cardano, integrating Asian know-how with web3 development in Africa.

As a result of the collaboration, Adaverse has obtained unmatched access to the Cardano ecosystem, utilizing it to assist investment partners and portfolio firms.Due to its unique framework, Adaverse has not only grown beyond Cardano but has also successfully combined Asian expertise with web3 development in Africa.

Adaverse has revealed its plans to invest between $100K and $300K in startups through Seed and Series A rounds. Besides financial support, the company also provides technical, strategic, and operational expertise to help firms grow through project development, tokenomics design, roadmap creation, and more.

The extensive network of Adaverse enables startups to quickly access the Cardano ecosystem, focusing on liquidity support. According to the announcement, Adaverse has invested in over 35 startups across ten countries in the past year, spanning various sectors such as metaverse, NFTs, exchanges, Web3, gamefi, and more.

Adaverse’s goal of connecting Africa with Asia through the Cardano ecosystem is grounded in the belief that developing countries lacking financial tools, including Africa, Asia, and Latin America, present both challenges and opportunities, as stated by the company.

Driving Cardano Adoption in Africa

Cardano has been actively promoting blockchain adoption in Africa, including launching Adaverse to support African crypto projects and hosting campaigns to raise Cardano and ADA awareness among African entrepreneurs.

Last year, Adaverse participated in a seed funding round for Afriguild, a blockchain-based company focused on providing opportunities for Africans through gaming and education. Similarly, Adaverse invested in Diagon Studios, a Nigerian-based gaming technology company. Furthermore, the team behind the Cardano Blockchain Founders Hangout (BFH) held multiple conferences in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, to boost Cardano’s awareness.

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