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Another migrant boat sink the coast of Italy

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sink Ship

Another migrant boat sink the coast of Italy, leaving 30 people missing while 17 have been rescued. According to the report, the boat was traveling from Libya to Italy despite bad weather. Italy’s coastguards say rescue operations are underway using private boats, including assistance from the EU’s border agency Frontex, while two more rescue boats are heading to the area. A humanitarian organization, Mediterranean Saving Humans, reported in a tweet that a boat traveling to Italy had capsized about 110 kilometers northwest of Benghazi.

The Coast Guard also said that two of the rescued people were injured, who will be disembarked in Malta and continue their journey to Italy.Since the ship overturned off the coast of Calabria on February 26, it has been evaluating its performance and capacity for rescue operations. The incident took place outside of Rome. There were 79 fatalities in this incident. The coast guard reported on Saturday that 200 migrants were saved from drowning off the coast of Sicily while more than 1,300 migrants were rescued in three different operations close to Italy’s southern border.

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