Sudan: Evacuation of foreign diplomats, citizens due to civil war

The process of evacuation of foreign diplomats and citizens from Sudan is ongoing due to the civil war between the Sudanese and paramilitary forces. Many European and African countries, including Saudi Arabia, America, France, Great Britain and Germany, withdrew their diplomatic staff and citizens from Sudan. According to the foreign news agency, Saudi Arabia evacuated […]

Minneapolis, a mosque in the United States, was allowed permission to recite the Azan to prayer five times.

Minneapolis became the first city in the United States to allow five times call to prayer (Azan) in mosques. According to the American media, the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, signed the ordinance regarding the call to prayer. According to foreign media, local Muslims have expressed happiness over this permission. According to reports, Minneapolis previously […]

Protests over pension reform: Violent protests in Paris

Paris again became a battlefield against controversial pension reforms in France, clashes between protesters and security forces, angry protesters set fire to several buildings, including the French president’s favorite cafe. Demonstrators set fire to French President Emmanuel Macron’s favorite cafe in Paris on the 11th day of a new wave of protests against pension reforms. […]