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A shooting in a church in Germany has resulted in the deaths of 7 individuals and numerous injuries.

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7 people were killed and 25 injured in a shooting in a church in the city of Hamburg, Germany. According to the German media, an armed man went to the upper floor of the church and opened fire on the citizens there. The local police say that the accused escaped from the church. It is not reported, it is expected that the attacker is also among the dead. The reasons for the shooting were not immediately known, the police have started investigating the incident. Foreign media say that the shooting happened in Gross Borstal district.

After the incident, the police have instructed the citizens to remain confined to their homes.

German police statement

German police say there is no reliable information about the attack, and they have appealed to the public not to spread any rumours.
On the other hand, the mayor of Hamburg has expressed deep sympathy to the families of those killed in the attack.

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