Imran khan lhc Appearance

Imran Khan Appearance in Lahore High court with huge raily of citizens

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan along with thousands of workers appeared at the Lahore High Court for security. Due to the rush of workers, the distance of 5 minutes was covered in 1 hour. A large number of lawyers were also present in the High Court premises to show solidarity.

Thousands of People came out to street to show their love for their Leader.

Before Imran Khan Appearance in Lahore High Court

How much was this man worried about Imran Khan Sahib, he was searching everyone to provide security his leader even checking shopping bags etc

Former Prime minister Imran Khan Appearance in Lhc Pakistan

Imran Khan arrived in the courtroom staggered but determined for the first time after miraculously surviving the murderous attack. The first public event inside and outside the court.

Lahore High Court granted Imran Khan’s protective bail.

The game is on. Shehbaz government registered 34 cases against Khan in 10 months.

After a series of adjournments following his court appearance, the Lahore High Court (LHC) finally on Monday granted Pakistan Tahreeke Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan temporary protective bail pending 3 days of protesting his disqualification in Islamabad. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) was vandalized during the protest.


The ousted prime minister, who was sacked on a no-confidence motion in October last year, was implicated in the terror case, sparking nationwide protests after the ECP announced the verdict in the Toshakhana case.

On February 16, a two-man bench at the LHC rejected Khan’s request for protective bail in a registered terrorism case for alleged vandalism during a protest in Islamabad against his disqualification due to the ECP disqualifying him.

Lahore Highcourt Appearance
Imran Khan is going to Lahore Pakistan

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