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SpaceX’s first test of a starship with 31 motors

According to the space website, Starship has taken a big step and completed its first flight test, which is expected to send the rocket into Earth orbit next month. The 33-engine Starship rocket, known as Booster 7, fired its engines yesterday at SpaceX’s Starbase in South Texas. According to the report, the company wanted to ignite 33 motors, but one of them shut down moments before the launch and the second motor failed during the launch, but the remaining 31 motors successfully switched on and continued to operate to send the rocket into space. is the required amount for According to the report, the rocket is made of stainless steel and consists of two parts, one part is named Superheavy and carries a 165-feet long starship on top.

Starships and superheavies are designed to be reusable. The first sample of this project, Ship 24, fired its 6 motors simultaneously in December, while the booster 7 rocket fired 14 of its 33 motors two months ago, and last day’s test of Booster 7 is considered to be the most successful test. Is. After its first space probe, Starship will become the world’s most powerful rocket ever launched into space. The Booster 7 rocket will return to Earth after liftoff, while Ship 24 will land in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii after completing one orbit around Earth.

The famous American company SpaceX, which works in the space field, has tested the Starship rocket with 31 motors, which is being called a historic initiative.

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