Sudan: Evacuation of foreign diplomats, citizens due to civil war

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The process of evacuation of foreign diplomats and citizens from Sudan is ongoing due to the civil war between the Sudanese and paramilitary forces.

Many European and African countries, including Saudi Arabia, America, France, Great Britain and Germany, withdrew their diplomatic staff and citizens from Sudan.

According to the foreign news agency, Saudi Arabia evacuated 91 Saudi citizens and 66 citizens of other countries from Sudan on Saturday, while the United States evacuated nearly 100 diplomatic staff from Khartoum on Sunday night, but thousands of American citizens, including those with dual citizenship, are still there. are in Sudan.

According to reports, France evacuated 200 people from Sudan in two phases, Britain also evacuated its diplomatic staff and their families.

The government assured to remove the reservations of Muttahida
Foreigners are being evacuated from Sudan by air, sea and land routes, the evacuation from the airport in Khartoum region is being done through a complex operation.

It should be noted that more than 400 people have been killed so far in the clashes between the army and paramilitary forces in Sudan, while thousands have also been injured, 5 aid workers are also included in the clashes.

According to the United Nations, 20,000 people, mostly women and children, leaved Sudan for safety across the border in Chad during clashes between the army and paramilitary forces.

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