Egg costs

the country where eggs now cost more than meat

Egg costs

Millions of chickens have died as a result of the bird flu epidemic around the world, resulting in eggs in various countries The price has also reached a record level. But no country can compete with America where the price of eggs per dozen has reached the highest level in history. In the US, a dozen eggs were available for less than $2 a year ago, but in January 2023, the price of 12 eggs reached $4.82 (1278 Pakistani rupees). A pound of beef is available in the US for $4.64. That is, eggs are now more expensive than beef.

Usage of Eggs in USA.

Eggs are widely used for breakfast in the US, but record price increases have made the ‘most important meal of the day’ less enjoyable for people.

Along with eggs, the prices of various types of orange juice in the US have also increased by 30% during a year, which has also had a negative impact on the breakfast of the American people.

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