The number of galaxies in the universe has exceeded one billion

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The largest two-dimensional map of the universe ever made just got bigger. The new, extended map now contains more than a billion galaxies. The map’s purpose is to assist astronomers in furthering their comprehension of the cosmos, which will aid in the resolution of puzzles pertaining to the enigmatic characteristics of dark matter and dark energy. Mapping extremely distant and extremely faint galaxies improves the effort to better understand the Universe, which is why the 10th data released by the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) is so important.

The DESI survey is one of three surveys that imaged 14,000 square degrees of the Northern Hemisphere sky using telescopes at Kit Peck National Observatory in Arizona and the Cerro Tolulo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. Is. A major goal of the mapping is to identify an estimated four million galaxies for the five-year DCI spectroscopic survey to help improve our understanding of the mysterious dark energy.


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