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Venom Blockchain Launches Public Testnet to Accelerate Web3 Projects

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Venom, the revolutionary Layer-1 blockchain, revealed the release of its public testnet hosted by Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). This achievement comes before the much-awaited mainnet launch and the introduction of several decentralized applications (dApps) developed in-house as a component of its growing ecosystem.

The newly launched testnet by Venom, a revolutionary Layer-1 blockchain from Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), is aimed at both users and developers. It provides an ideal platform for testing and debugging blockchain protocols and dApps, offering users an opportunity to gain firsthand experience. This move is aimed at encouraging innovation and nurturing a strong community within the expanding Venom ecosystem.

How get started

To get started with the Venom testnet, users can easily download the Venom Wallet on their mobile device from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, they can install the Venom Wallet as a Google Chrome extension on their desktop. Once installed, users can claim a free testnet allocation to begin exploring and experiencing the Venom ecosystem firsthand.

Peter Knez, Chair of the Venom Foundation Council, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of the public testnet, calling it a crucial milestone towards the mainnet launch. According to him, the asynchronous blockchain’s scalability and reliability will enable developers to build innovative dApps, and users can try them out themselves. The Venom blockchain can achieve rapid transaction processing speeds of up to 100k TPS, thanks to its dynamic sharding feature. Venom also provides an extensive collection of developer documentation to assist them in their endeavors.

Venom dApps

Venom’s network enhances interoperability and caters to global adoption with its low transaction fees. As part of the testnet launch, a selection of dApps are set to debut, offering users the opportunity to perform transactions, test the native Venom wallet, and more. Some of these dApps include:

  • Venom Wallet
  • Venom Scan
  • VenomPools
  • Venom Bridge
  • Venom Stake
  • Web3.World
  • WeUp
  • NFT Mint
  • Oasis.Gallery

The Venom Foundation, licensed by ADGM, is dedicated to accelerating global Web3 projects on the decentralized network, positioning itself as the world’s first compliant blockchain. With dynamic sharding, low fees, ultra-fast speeds, and scalability, various companies have developed in-house dApps and protocols on the Venom blockchain. This blockchain has the potential to become the primary infrastructure for a worldwide ecosystem of Web3 applications, serving an ever-growing user base while offering authorities and enterprises the freedom to innovate, build, and scale within ADGM’s jurisdiction.

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