Whales are buying Crypto, Large Investment in Top 3 crypto.

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There are many ways that you can earn major profits in crypto but one true option is to follow whale movement.whale wallets specifically to see what they’re buying and it makes sense because this way you’re gonna explicitly see what the owner of those major wallets are accumulating.If they go crazy over a specific token for example most likely there’s something behind it where there’s smoke there is usually fire so,I research and I have been looking at four tokens in particular that whales have been massively accumulating as of.late we’re gonna be looking at a couple of very useful tools if you’re not familiar with these I’d suggest you follow them on Twitter.

My name is Bruce and this is my Crypto research. whether it’s tokens that whales are accumulating.

Crypto Whales portfolio
Crypto Whales

1.Polygon Matic

let’s start things off nice and easy with a familiar favorite here we’re looking at polygon for our first entry . On this list ticker is Matic because really if one token has been Making Waves during the last couple of months .It’s certainly Matic ticker m-a-t-i-c right now ranked number eight by total market cap .We’re on coingecko.com and really wherever you looked in these last few weeks these last few months .Polygon has always been making news a lot of that’s been due to the Partnerships that they’ve struck up which have been very impressive and it’s also no secret that, our major fans of Matic the token and polygon has also been an extensively covered by us.

Polygon matic

The major webq companies that are trying to gain entry into web 3 and i am talking about some of the biggest companies in the world here massive Fortune 500 names like Disney ,Starbucks, Adidas meta stripe and a lot of others all of these have chosen polygon and they’re doing this for a reason.

Big star companies
Big star companies

They’re making their selections based on the groundbreaking zero knowledge technology that polygon uses, but that begs the question companies aside what are the whales doing with Matic.

My research seems to suggest that they’re stacking Matic but don’t just take me at my word let’s dive into the forensics here towards the end of January. One whale in particular added 59 million Matic to their wallet that’s equivalent to about 56 million dollars or at least. It was at the time and as a result Matic as you may remember jumped about 20 in price and here’s that great resource that I mentioned earlier.

Whalesstats.com they’re telling us that of all the ethereum based tokens Matic is right up there it’s the fourth of all eth-based tokens and whales hold 3.86 in Matic.That’s an average of 1.89 million Matic per wallet in the top 100 and currently that’s 1.3 million tokens per wallet.So taken together these are some pretty impressive statistics, as I record right now.The price of Matic sits at 1.38 cents with a market cap of 12.8 billion dollars and of the 10 billion Max Supply a full 90 or 9 billion are currently in circulation and look .I have been talking about them for a long time this is a look by the way at the last three months you can see that the 90-day performance has been pretty impressive.

If you’re a Matic holder let me know what price you bought into it.If you are a bag holder from previous all-time highs which by the way we’re only down from now 52 percent that was 2.92 in December of 2021. if you are Matic holder though where did you make your move to get into it let me know in the comments below but without any further Ado.

2.Cardano (Ada)


let’s move on to token number two and here looking at another perennial favorite cardano which is another token right now that whales have been adding to their wallets and this year in 2023 Ada has already seen a price increase.Believe It or Not of 60 percent on the 1st of January Ada was actually sitting below 25 cents and just recently it’s bounced up to as high as 40 cents . It’s actually gone a little bit above 40 cents in the last couple of weeks in terms of market cap cardano is ranked number seven they command a market cap of 13.5 billion dollars and out of 45 billion that’s the max supply of tokens 35 billion a vast majority are currently in circulation and by the way there aren’t that many coins that keep emotions as high as cartel.

I know only a month ago,I actually did a deep dive into cardano ( Ada).check that out if you’ve not already a card should be popping up right about now but I have to ask the question what has been moving the price at least recently of ADA.Well they’re doing a pretty good job in terms of defy during the last seven days for example their tvl went up by 22 that’s 22 in one week but during the last 30 days it went up by 70 that’s almost 125 million dollars which is currently locked up and we’d have to go all the way back to July of 2022 to see similar numbers another major event as you probably already know was their Jed stable coin that went live in early February.

Cardano’s (Ada) Network Major Upgrade Approaches.

I talked about this a lot in different articles the adoption seems to be on the rise the market cap went from 1.7 million to 2.17 million dollars which is a pretty notable achievement and this is an over collateralized stable coin backed by the Ada token with 31 million Ada base reserve. Djed has a 514 percent collateral ratio in other words that’s good and as far as the whales go they actually kept buying Ada and in particular they went crazy as of early February where we saw 1700 transactions of over a hundred thousand dollars per day.Whales and whale fish and sharks were busy stacking Ada if you guys have kept the faith if you’re a long-term fan of cardano and everything Charles hoskinson is doing in the Ada token and Ada’s best days are still ahead.


Ave has been in the spotlight recently it’s token number three on my list in January. Ave token that’s we saw a 60% price increase and plenty of news has come out recently from the Ave Camp. Ave is a defy lending and borrowing protocol it started out on ethereum but of course is nowadays represented on seven different chains its Tvl (Total value Lock) is five billion dollars but ethereum sees 4.18 billion dollars locked so what’s been happening with Ave recently well Ave has a new stablecoin g-h-o it’s currently live on testnet and this year at the end of January the community gave a green light for Ave V3 on ethereum which offers plenty of new features for example adding stable coins and liquid staking derivatives otherwise known as lsds and reducing gas fees by 20 to 25 percent.

lots of positive news coming out of Ave but how did the whales react well as you may expect they started stacking Ave in January for example we could observe a few days with well over 100 transactions that have at least a hundred thousand dollars behind them and many BSC whales have almost one percent of their Holdings in Ave which right now is currently 47.9 million dollars obvious price is up just a little bit today it sits at 86.78 with a market cap of 1.23 billion dollars and out of 16 million tokens a full 14.2 million very high percentage are already in circulation now finally here’s a fourth category not exactly a token but something that you may want to consider against the rest of the data that we’ve been exploring because it still represents a whale movement.

So here we have two stable coins that take up a 30 position in ethereum whale wallets and these are usdc with a 15.83 position which is closely followed by usdt with a 14.13 position just so you understand that’s a lot of money.We are talking about 778 and and 694 million dollars respectively and the only coin that these whales hold more of is ethereum. In other words, there is still a big amount of cash available. I have effectively advocated for months that stable coins offer a safe haven in volatile times, but not all whales, at least not yet, are ready to commit and go all in volatile times stable coins are a safe haven.These whales are certainly abiding by that philosophy and by trading volumes specifically these two stable coins are ahead of the pack they also have the most sold and bought tokens but it’s usdc that really Takes the Cake here it’s the most used stable coin so look, if you’re not 100% sure what coins or tokens you may want to buy that’s fine get some stable coins. The whales here follow the smart money do what they’re doing and that way you’re ready to act and react at a moment’s notice not a bad strategy.


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